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Kelly-Jane did our engagement shoot and was going to do our wedding ass well but that was unfortunately canceled due to Covid19. She was incredibly patient in waiting for us to confirm our new date and even reserved a few dates for us while we waited to see what happens.

The reason why i chose her as our photographer is, her work is amazing for the amount you pay. You get so much more then you bargained for. I absolutely love her style of photography. She uses  natural light and moody images. It captures every moment and photo she takes so perfectly. Even though during your photo shoot she is spontaneous and comes up with ideas in the spot, you can still see that she puts so much planning and love into every shoot she does. She is also an incredible, loving and caring woman that Honors God and it definitely shows in her business and personal life.

Our engagement shoot was the first formal photo shoot me and my fiance did together. She made us feel so comfortable and she knew exactly what to do in the location of our shoot. Our photos come out perfectly and i could not have been happier!

I also did a photography workshop that she organized and i learned so much about the art of photography. Even after the workshop was done she is always willing to help and give advice.

She is a born photographer and by far one of the top photographers in the Garden Route.

Thank you so much for your patience with us this year. I can’t wait until our wedding day finally comes and you get to capture every single moment.