How a guest can add value to a Wedding

It was laid on my heart strongly to write this article for guests attending a wedding. I have been in the photography industry, specifically shooting weddings for the last 7 years. Any guest can make it either very hard for the photographer, or simply make it easy. The latter is what photographers appreciate. We are on our feet for most part of the wedding day and have a very important role to fulfil. Not only to take pictures, but to not miss out on any moment for the sake of the bridal couple.

We don’t just arrive at the venue- and start shooting. I know it is the general idea. The truth is, we plan along with the bride, we get together months and weeks before the wedding to go through the whole wedding program. Several calls, Whats-App’s and emails. We listen to the hearts of our brides and grooms to really capture what is important to them. And every wedding is different and unique. This is what I aim at doing, as I am there for my bridal couples. And it is my passion capturing beautiful moments of their day. It is however difficult when there is many interruptions and difficult guests. As a guest, it is important to come to the wedding with respect and humility. And with that being said, respect for everything that the bride and the groom wishes to do.  If you miss a moment, it’s gone.

I will make a short list of small tips guests need to take note of that really makes it easy for the photographer and the videographer. I have also included general tips.

  • Do not use your phone, camera or tablet to take photos of the bride walking down the aisle. It really spoils the bride’s photo and the photographer needs to push his/her way through the mass of devices to get an acceptable photo. This is one of the biggest moments for the bride, the father of the bride and the groom.
  • When it is requested to form a tunnel for either the confetti or sparkles, make sure that you don’t walk in front of the bride or the groom. Don’t run through them to get to the end. The photographer and videographer need an open space here to work from. If you are not in the line, simply make use of the outsides and fall in on the side.
  • Put your phone on silent.
  • Guests with cameras should be allowed to take informal photos after the ceremony with friends and family, but not move in when the main photographer is working with the couple.
  • If you are late for the wedding, rather stay outside or out of eye in respect for the bride and the groom. (Many weddings I have attended, guests have walk in with the bridesmaids or the bride).
  • Given attention to when the big group photo will be taken and don’t stroll along while everyone is waiting.
  • After the confetti, try and be efficient in congratulating the couple. a Big portion of photos still needs to be taken after this before sunset.
  • Also wait for the bridesmaids and flower girls to move out first to prepare the confetti, as this is part of their role.
  • Don not upload low resolution cell phone or camera photos taken on social media before the photographer has released a sneak preview for the couple first. Many brides have this request and is not requested.
  • If you RSVP to attend a wedding, please feel free to remunerate the couple for the expenses that had to make for you to be there.
  • Kindly don’t enter the reception area if requested by the bridal couple, as decor photos is also part of the package.
  • Respect the wishes of the bridal couple in terms of the use of alcohol.
  • Avoid liquids if the groom’s does his speech. Anything can go wrong, and that liquid ends up on and in the camera of the photographer.  This has happened many times.  This causes severe damage to camera equipment and parts.

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